Using Them Effectively

There is a lot of negativity surrounding the use of coupons. Some people feel that it causes you to buy things you otherwise would not buy. Other people hate them because they feel it slows down the check out line. And other people envision the people shown on couponing shows which show couponers hoarding massive amounts of items and clearing the shelves. However, many of these things are not true, when coupons are used properly and effectively. If you are looking to cut back on your grocery bill, couponing can help. Here are a few tips on using coupons effectively.

Only Buy Items You Will Use
One of the first rules to couponing is to only hold on to the coupons for the items you will use. If you do not have a dog, there may be no point to holding onto dog coupons. Or if you have a coupon for a type of cereal that no one in your house eats, you do not need it. Some couponers get so caught up in getting a deal, that they fail to think about what they will do with the item. Holding on to coupons you do not need or use only complicates your pile and makes it harder to sort through and it can cause you to spend money on something you will never use just because you perceive yourself as getting a deal.

If you receive coupons for items you will not use, you can always simply discard them. However, if you do not want to let a good coupon go to waste, there are many coupon trading groups where you can trade off coupons you can’t or won’t use for coupons that are valuable to you. This can help you get your hands on coupons for items that you will use while allowing someone who can use your coupon to put that coupon to good use.

Learn the Coupon Policies For Your Stores
After clipping your coupons and reading through the weekly ads to find items you can use your coupons on, you may feel ready to hit the store. However, before you do so, always take the time to learn the coupon policies for your stores. Some stores will double coupons, but only on certain days. Some stores limit the number of coupons you can use in one transaction and some stores limit the number of similar coupons you can use. The last thing you want is to prepare a list and head out to shop only to learn you can use five coupons instead of ten on a certain item or you can only use 20 coupons in total so as to not overload the computer. Every store has a different coupon policy, so ensure you know the policy for the store you are preparing to shop at so you don’t waste your time or get frustrated.

Organize Your Coupons
Lastly, before you head out to shop, take the time to organize your coupons. Ensure you know how many of each coupon you have, remove expired coupons and have some sort of order for finding the coupons. When possible, pull out the coupons before you get in the check out line. Nothing is more frustrating for you or the person behind you to be fumbling and digging around for that coupon that you know you have but just cannot find. An effective couponer will develop an organization system that works for them. Some people do it based on the store’s layout, while some do it based on the type of food or alphabetical order. Ultimately, you have to find what works for you.

If you have never couponed to save money before, the entire process can be overwhelming. We recommend that you start slow and start off by couponing at only one store, so you can learn all of their rules. From there, slowly begin to expand your reach and shop at different stores. For more tips on how to use coupons effectively, visit We can help you learn where to find coupons, how to use them and what deals may be available from week to week. When you need help with couponing, you can always find the answer on our website.